How to be a Quiet Person

For a person who is seen as being so loud, noisy and much annoying he/ she can more or less mutate themselves to being silent and quiet. Being quiet will help them to improve their relation with friends and family. It will earn some respect. There are some situations when one should just be silent and let some things go gradually. A person who is usually loud should tell their friends that they are working on being quiet so that they will not wonder if something is wrong. Steps to being quiet are;

• To act cautiously. They will have to be less aggressive and will first find opinions from experienced people before coming up with a decision on anything. Staying at the edges help to make them think critically on the best way to approach a problem at hand. For example when there is a scene that others are attracted to, a silent person will just not be interested in. Less stimuli to a condition is the key.

• They will learn to keep their body language appealing and welcoming since they are gentle. This feature will make them easy to approach and discuss something with. Body language is mostly unassuming with neutral facial expressions when there is a drama unfolding. One will need to be nicer rather than louder or aggressive, look around and keep your head up so that you know what is going on around. This will enable them to become comfortable with their surroundings and add more knowledge.

• Learn to be calm and patient. Someone learning how to be quiet will have to be calm in every situation and let the brain digest first before reacting. It will help in thinking well and having a clear picture of something. When they adapt to this quality, they will be of service on hard times when everyone is frightened and do not know what to do. They can then speak up and make a good reason out of a hard situation. This brings out a leader out of them since the masses will follow you due to your effective judgement and ability to make decision on turf situations.

• Learn how to earn other peoples’ trust to become reliable. When they get trust from the people around especially the ones who can influence people, they will be very productive. Noisy, loud people are always seen as selfish and high tempered. To earn trust one should keep quiet and people will start looking up to them. They will thereby become reliable, less diverted by the attention of being loud and focus on fulfilling commitments and giving services to the people who need help on problems that you can easily solve.

• Knowing oneself and doing the contrast of it since you know that you are never quiet. Know what you can do in a hard situation and what you can say. After knowing what you can do, just do the opposite of it. Altercations will be avoided resulting in a cool and calm time that will maintain relationships and friendships. If followed progressively it will improve you and make you more natural and easy going.

• When speaking, a person should have a point. The comeback of a quiet person after a long pause is usually effective. They bring out a point that will be felt by the people who speak a lot. It is like they will pay back for the time that they were silent. When learning how to be quiet people will have to give themselves time to think and when they talk they will come up with a sensible thing that male the audience keep quiet and re-think again. It earns you respect.

• In a conversation, let the other party dominate you. When speaking, learn to divert attention to the other person who will in turn speak and speak. With time you will acquire a tactic that will help you become quiet. Learn to judge them as they speak so that your answers to the questions they ask will be correct according to their IQ. This will facilitate your public relations with people and open doors that you did not even imagine entering. Just say the right thing when you need to say it. This helps one become more of a good listener and give the other party time to express themselves as you gauge them, it will reduce ones’ tendency to speak unnecessarily. One thing that should be noted with being silent is the fact that when speaking with another person, try not to be too quiet, people will be less interested in you.