The Wisdom of Silence: Learning to Talk Less with Saying More

There are people you’ll see whom are outgoing and those seem to be very passive. There are times when those people who are passive, get so loud that they seem too be too wild, they can’t keep quiet. The opposite is true for those who are loud, but remain quiet for some time.

What’s going on here?

This could be the answer when it’s time to learn to talk less with saying more.
For one, they may be around people who excite them, so those people end up talking your ears off or being too loud. For those who are quiet, they may be around some people they seem not too get along with, or they may not like, or even more, simply don’t know them.

In fact, here’s a good example. If you’re live with roommates, your in-laws, or whomever, you may be loud at times with them, but, there comes the time when you simply want to stay silent at times. It’s not them, or maybe it is, but, there the time may come when you simply do not want to talk, to anyone. How do you help them realize it’s not them that you give the silent treatment to, it’s you that want’s to remain silent because you may have personal things you are dealing with. Most of the time, the normal person will ask you: “Is everything alright?”

Now, there may be a time when those same people have some exciting things going on with them, but you don’t, so they end up being the loud ones. You can’t blame them for talking…too much.

Let’s all remain silent when the time is right, in order to let things go on gradually while be graceful.

When people speak, they should have a major ending or climax to their conversation. If they’re the “story-telling” type, take a seat. It can be awhile until they get to their point. Thing is, the listener should, if they have any wits, understand that these type of people are true “story tellers.” Either way, you’re stuck in their conversation, but without being rude, it’s good to listen to what they have to say. Why? Because one day you too will be that story teller.

Second, the “comeback” of the silent person. These people will be so quiet, it’s unbearable because they aren’t, in fact, outgoing, they don’t have anything to say, they aren’t the storyteller, and they may not like you, period. The long pause remains there and it can be effective. This is when you can simply walk away, if you really don’t care about the situation and that will remain “as is.” In fact, the comeback of that quiet person after a long pause is can be effective. When they end up talking, their point will be heard loud and clear. They get straight to the point, and it’s heard miles and miles away.

Is this the case of the passive aggressive type, where they pay back for being silent all those times?

It certainly could be the case. Actually, it is either that or during the times they were quiet, they were thinking of other things, remember “it’s not all about you.”
It isn’t difficult to do it either, if you want to. When it’s time to think and time to talk is when the senses, hopefully the wits, come out too.

It can earn people’s respect if knowing when to be silent is going to help the entire conversation, or the sit-in. The true fact is that people can figure out who they are around by the first moment. If you come across a person who is an extrovert, a person outgoing, to a person who is an introvert, the opposite, you’ll know when to remain silent.

The main element is that as long as you know yourself, and those you care about is when silence and talking can work. If you know it’s hard to be quiet, then it can be difficult for those who can’t stand these types. It’s not you, nor them, it’s simply that “mix” that don’t “mix.” All you have to do is act the opposite, if you care, to remain silent or talkative. In fact, there could be some conflict that will remain avoided. It can also help with relationships, as well as friendships. Knowing when to is the trick. It’s knowing when and where to do this that is very critical.

Finally, when you can tell the difference, bite your tongue, or countdown from 100, or 50 to yourself, or sing a song of six-pence, to yourself, and see if that works, when that time comes to remain silent. It can really depend on a person’s personality and if you know how he/she is around people or just you.