Pros and Cons of Being Quiet

Being quiet has its good and bad. Have you ever wondered how people would perceive you if you were more quiet? How about what people would say about you if you weren’t so quiet? Knowing when silence is golden and when to speak at the right time is a skill that many have not accomplish or struggle with. Silence or being quiet has its pros and cons.
The pros of being quiet are astronomical. Those that are quiet seem to have a mysterious tone to them. Think of the Geisha women. They are beautiful, yet they are extremely quiet. This combination adds to the mystery of them. This mystery is comparable to the plethora of celestial bodies in the universe. We will never figure out all there is to know about the universe. Neither will we figure out the Geisha women. Just like the Geisha women, ordinary people who are quiet are just as mysterious. The mystery at times, is beautiful and astounding.
Another pro of being quiet is that it saves the trouble. Everyone knows that obnoxious person who can not stop talking. Not only is it annoying, it makes that person less desirable to be around. Being talkative an obnoxious is a trait that many people would not like to associate with.
Being quiet encourages one to listen more. When you listen more, you are in tuned with what surrounds you. Whether that be what someone is saying or just the beauty of natural sounds (birds chirping, waves splashing or trees swaying). Increasing listening skills, adds to your interpersonal skills. Having this important skill is often neglected. We as people do far too much talking and not a lot of being quiet and listening. Others are drawn to us when they realize that we are there to listen. Our brains should be more like a sponge– absorbing all things that surrounds us. This is one reason why being quiet is a good thing.
Of course, with good things, there are cons that may come along with it. Being quiet may lead to consequences. One of those consequences are peoplle may think that they can run over you. Think about a bully in school that gravitates to the quiet student who stays to themselves. The reason this bully gravitates to him or her is because the bully feels that the person can be ran over. It give them a sense of control or power. As we all know, this power or control causes a skewed sense of how to treat others properly. With the quiet, it may be perceived by others that this is easy prey.
Another con of being quiet is that a person’s brilliant ideas may go to waste. Often, those with the unique ideas are never presented to the world. This is because of their reticence. Many times, these quiet beings die with their ideas. Ideas are what makes the world so great!
Just as being quiet is a good thing in that it may put off that you are a good listener. It can also may people think that you do not care. If a person is having a conversation with a person that quiet, the person may think that just because there is no feedback, the person does not care. It like that awkward feeling when you hear crickets. A conversation cannot continue that way. Feedback is what makes conversations what they are.
Being quiet limits your chances to connect with others. Quiet people often miss out on networking that may lead to opportunities. In today’s society, networking is key to getting high-paying jobs or gigs. It is about who you know, not what you know.
Reticence or silence can be golden, but can also put questions in people’s heads about you. They start to wonder if you have social anxiety or if you are okay. This is more likely to happen if you are an introvert surrounded by extroverts. People may even think that you are a mute or something damaging happened to your vocal cords.
Being quiet has its pros and cons…its advantages and disadvantages. Luckily, the world has a mixture of introverts and extroverts. It has a mixture of boisterous beings and reticent ones. It also has a mixture of the ones that talk a mile a minute and the ones that are as quiet as a mouse. Both have their good and bad. Choosing to be either one is subjective and strictly based on your perception and others around you!